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Activated B Complete
Activated B Complete
Activated B Complete
Activated B Complete
Activated B Complete
Activated B Complete
Activated B Complete
Activated B Complete
Activated B Complete

Activated B Complete

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Your body needs more B vitamins (we all do!) Get Activated B Complete for the easiest, safest way to supply exactly what your body needs so you feel more healthy, vibrant, and energized every day.
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Egg Free
Corn Free
Gluten Free
No Artificial Sweeteners
Dairy Free
Soy Protein Free
Fact: Your daily multivitamins will not deliver enough B vitamins for you to feel the benefits for your energy and whole-body health.

B-Vitamins Are the Jack-of-All-Trades When It Comes to Your Body

Each vitamin is unique and serves a unique role, but TOGETHER they support hundreds of daily processes in your body, including:

  • Energy production
  • Digestive function
  • Nervous system and brain optimization
  • Liver detoxification
  • Thyroid support
  • Immune health
  • Hormone balance
  • … and the list goes on.

    • The way B vitamins work in your cells requires a VERY SPECIFIC TYPE in order to be effective (which is why you don’t want to waste your time and money on supplements that aren’t top-quality).

      You won’t get enough just from a daily multivitamin (and no, it’s likely not a problem to take an extra dose if your multi does have B vitamins).

      If you feel your body dragging by the middle of the day every day, are dealing with hormone disruption, or are facing unexplained illnesses and symptoms, extra activated B vitamins are going to be your new best friend!

Enter: Activated B Complete.
With one simple supplement addition, you’re giving your body exactly what it needs—in a form that is bioavailable and ready to be put to work immediately so you can start to THRIVE, instead of just scraping by on the little energy you get from coffee runs.

Essentially Whole's Activated B Complete

B-complex vitamins are everywhere, so what is it about Activated B Complete that is so special?

The truth is that many B-vitamin supplements are not methylated—or activated—which means they have to go through an additional process in your body before you even get to start experiencing their benefits.

And for many women who are plagued with inflammation, gut issues, or MTHFR mutations, this process just doesn’t happen. But with Activated B Complete, the high-quality vitamins are in forms that are already methylated and ready to go to work in your cells!

But Wait… Can’t I Get Enough B Vitamins Through Food?

This is a question that many women ask… and it’s not a cut-and-dry answer.

Yes, B vitamins are found in many foods, including:

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Fortified foods
  • Dairy
  • Legumes
  • Leafy greens

    But unfortunately, many of these foods are highly inflammatory for most of us, which means your body doesn’t actually glean the nutrition that you think you’re getting.

    But even if you can tolerate all of these foods, the B vitamins you get straight from food still need to be activated or methylated, which is a process that many of us struggle with, AND they are likely not going to be in optimal ratios with each other. That means you are still not likely to get as much nutrient benefit as you would through a supplement.

    That’s why I prefer to add Activated B Complete into my daily routine so it’s a no-stress, simple way to ensure I’m getting these key nutrients in a way that I KNOW my body will be able to put to use!

    Pretty much all women can benefit from adding an activated B vitamin supplement. It is a simple way to increase your energy and protect long-term health in only seconds every day.

    It is especially important to add in a B vitamin supplement if you have chronic gut issues, Crohn’s disease, celiac, or are dealing with any of these symptoms:

    While each of these things could be signs of other issues as well, adding B vitamins is an easy step to take to try to give your body more of what it needs!

    How to Take Activated B Complete

    I recommend taking one Activated B Complete capsule in the morning daily, and again in the late afternoon if your body seems to be needing more. You’ll feel more energized all day and experience better benefits if you start your day with an activated B complex vitamin to help fuel your energy!

    For Best Results, Use Activated B Complete Along With…

    Magnesium Restore Keep calm and thrive on with my premium, highly-biovavailable magnesium supplement. $18.95
    Hormone Balance My non-negotible natural hormone solution for women over 35. $58.95
    Liver Support Blend Herbs and nutrients your liver needs to detox excess estrogen and function at a high level every day $29.97
    Egg Free
    Corn Free
    Gluten Free
    No Artificial Sweeteners
    Dairy Free
    Soy Protein Free

    I’ve been right where you are…

    My hormones were threatening to derail my health, my family and my career, and I was desperate for a natural solution. Through each healing transformation I’ve experienced in my life, supplements have been an essential part of my protocols. Nutrition, self-care, and supplements have always gone hand-in-hand in my approach to healing your hormones and body.

    And now? I’ve sourced the perfect supplements for your hormones and put them in one place so you can get your hormones and body on track as well.

    Supplements have a special power that you can’t get from other healing strategies. With concentrated, bioavailable nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic herbs, supplements offer a unique benefit to your body in a simple, convenient package.

    Unfortunately, in my research of other supplements and brands, so much of what I found was people cutting corners and not offering the best products possible. That’s why I decided to launch my own line of Essentially Whole supplements. I’ve worked closely with my manufacturer to be confident you are getting the best possible supplements of the highest quality to make the biggest impact on your health.

    Whether your hormonal challenges have to do with stress, weight, metabolic or reproductive hormones, the supplements you’ll find in the Essentially Whole store were designed to work with your body’s natural processes, enhancing them for optimal performance.

    Here are a few things that make Essentially Whole Supplements special:

    Effective, Natural, Science-Based Solutions for Your Health

    In a world filled with products touting health benefits, it can be hard to distinguish what is real and what is not. That’s why I wanted to provide you with supplements that you can be confident using to fuel your and your family’s bodies. Each product I offer is created with only the highest quality ingredients in forms that are easily put to use by your body. Every ingredient has been tested for effectiveness and bioavailability to ensure that you are only getting the best of the best!

    3-Stage Testing that EXCEEDS Industry Standards

    When I decided to embark on this journey of supplying you with the BEST supplements possible, I knew I needed to partner with a manufacturer that shared my beliefs in going above and beyond to ensure quality. You can be confident that your product has been tested…
    1. Before production (to make sure the raw materials are of the highest quality)
    2. During manufacturing (to make sure the product is not compromised in any way)
    3. After packaging (to make sure what gets into your hands is pure and free of any contamination)
    This goes above and beyond the industry standards, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Powerful Community

    When you buy grocery store supplements, you pick up your bottle, hope it is what it says it is, and go on with your life. When you partner with me through purchasing Essentially Whole supplements, you aren’t left to fend for yourself. I am committed to continuing to provide you with resources and solutions to help you achieve your health goals!

    What It All Comes Down To…

    These products WORK. I use them myself each and every day, and I share them with my friends, family, and -- most importantly -- with YOU. I don’t want you compromising your health with second-rate supplements. That’s why I have decided to put the power back in your hands with Essentially Whole products. You can be confident you are only getting the best of the best to enable you to heal your body naturally!


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    *In the very rare case that the item you ordered is backordered, you will be notified right away about any potential delays.
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    United States

    Great pill

    I really like this pill. I feel constant energy all day long.

    Claire K.
    United States United States

    Activated B Complete made be ill

    Made me feel nauseated. Had to stop using it after a week.

    Shannon R.
    United States United States

    Activated B the best I have tried!

    Mariza's Activated Vitamin B doesn't leave me feeling icky to my stomach and having weird burbs like other Vitamin Bs I have tried in the past. I feel like my body can actually process it and it is giving me the boost I need!

    United States United States

    Very pleased!

    I ordered the bone broth protein powder and the B complex supplements without any expectations of enjoying the taste of the protein powder or any significant benefits of the B supplement... Boy, was I surprised. Delicious! And the B supplement has given me the boost that I was so hoping to find! I'm on auto ship with both products.

    United States United States

    Energy slowly building

    I have struggled with energy levels for years. Multi vitamins did nothing to help with that. After taking the activated B capsule daily for a couple of weeks, I can see a gradual increase in my energy level. I am hoping to see more improvement as I continue including this supplement.

    Claire K.
    United States United States

    Feeling nauseous

    Not sure if it’s helping at all but it’s definitely making me nauseated

    United States United States

    Activated B Complete

    So far, so good. I haven't been taking it long enough to notice a difference.

    United States United States

    Great products

    I added in Activated B Complex to my Adrenal Love and Magnesium Restore supplements. I feel like I’m giving my body what it needs during times of high stress and high energy.

    Alyssa J.
    United States United States


    Started taking b complete and instantly felt like I had more energy!

    Sharon S.
    United States United States

    I feel like me again

    I’ve been using Activated B Plus and Hormone Balance for 2 weeks and I feel like I have energy back again. I’ve been sleeping better and even the nights that kids wake me up, I’m no where near as tired during the day that I was before taking these vitamins. It feels amazing to not be exhausted all the time!