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Magnesium Restore
Magnesium Restore
Magnesium Restore
Magnesium Restore

Magnesium Restore

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Replenish magnesium levels in your body quickly and naturally so you can feel more energized, less stressed, and more balanced every single day!
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Essentially Whole® supplements can have a compounding effect on the mind and body, and will provide the most life-changing results when taken daily, over time.

Just think: A small commitment to your self-care today could mean a world of joy, harmony, and gratitude tomorrow.

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Taking Magnesium Restore Can Help You:

  • Sleep more soundly (fewer midnight wakeups or groggy mornings)
  • Feel more energized and less stressed during the day
  • Have more stable moods and less PMS
  • Reduce headaches, muscle tension, and constipation
  • Keep all systems in your body healthy, including your heart, digestion, liver, thyroid, and kidneys
The Mineral That Does It All

Magnesium is a superstar mineral that is vital for 500+ processes that happen DAILY in your body. You can eat right, exercise daily, and take care of your body, but if you don’t get enough magnesium, your health is still going to suffer.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency may be subtle…. it’s not something that’s going to hit you as something obvious and blatant, but if you are deficient, you will notice a difference very quickly once you start supplementing! Simple switches often have the biggest impact on your health.

Simple switches often have the biggest impact on your health.

Adding Magnesium Restore to your daily routine can:

  • Stabilize your mood: Magnesium is nature’s relaxation mineral. Having adequate magnesium can help you fight feelings of depression and anxiety so you feel calmer, less irritable, and more in control.
  • Promote reproductive hormone health: If you are struggling with low libido, infertility, severe PMS, or menstrual cramps, upping your magnesium can bring you relief!
  • Enhance sleep and relaxation: Magnesium can help calm your mind and body to help you get the rest you need. This mineral improves your sleep quality and stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, which is the mechanism in your body that allows you to relax.
  • Support your HPA axis and hormone balance: Your HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis regulates your body’s stress response and is critical in maintaining your hormone balance. Having enough magnesium helps your body handle stress-induced cortisol spikes to protect your body and hormones from deregulation.
  • Fight against insulin resistance: Insulin is the hormone that controls your blood sugar levels. Having enough magnesium can help your body regulate this vital hormone and allow your body to process it efficiently so you can keep your metabolism grooving with easier weight loss and more energy.
  • Cut inflammation: Whether in muscle recovery after a workout or calming the cellular inflammation that contributes to chronic disease, having adequate amounts of this mineral can keep you living and moving with ease and grace!
  • Improve energy: Magnesium helps your cells convert energy more efficiently in your mitochondria, leading to less waste and more fuel to keep your body moving. It also makes sense that if you are sleeping better and recharging, you will feel more energized, too!
  • Promote overall health: Whether you deal with migraines, headaches, hypertension, digestive issues, or are just looking to protect yourself against these things, magnesium is a powerful mineral to help you maintain your health!
What Makes Magnesium Restore Different?

There are lots of different types of magnesium on the market (citrate, glycinate, oxide, and the list goes on.)

The truth is that there are a lot of junk magnesium supplements out there that won’t even absorb into your body. And there are kinds that may deliver some benefits, but they don’t really optimize your body’s magnesium levels like you really want them to.

So what do you get with Magnesium Restore that’s NOT in other forms of magnesium?

  1. Bioavailability - you want a kind that will be absorbed into your cells, not one that is going to cause loose stools and be immediately moved through your body
  2. Purity - This is why you don’t just buy supplements from Amazon! Getting them directly from me guarantees extensive testing that exceeds industry standards so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality.
  3. Type - I recommend a combination of magnesium bisglycinate and magnesium oxide to quickly raise magnesium levels in your body without causing digestive upset or other symptoms.

Essentially Whole® Magnesium Restore delivers high-quality magnesium to your cells quickly so you can start feeling better, sleeping better, and restoring balance ASAP!

How to Take Magnesium Restore

If you typically have trouble sleeping or winding down at night, I recommend taking 2 Magnesium Restore capsules about 30 minutes before you go to bed. This is a great way to support restful sleep and restoration every night!

Magnesium is a supplement that is safe to experiment with and get in tune with your body. Some weeks I need to increase to 3 capsules if I have been dealing with extra stress, and some weeks I’m fine with just 1-2.

The sign you’re taking too much magnesium: Loose stools

The signs you need more magnesium: Constipation, poor sleep, high stress levels, PMS, mood swings, muscle cramps, migraines, lack of energy

For Best Results, Use Magnesium Restore Along With:

Activated B Complete - For daily energy, adrenal support, stress management, and hormone balance

Hormone Balance - For optimal hormone production and detoxification

GlucoSupport - For metabolism support and blood sugar stability

Zen Sleep - For better, more restful sleep without next-day grogginess

For Best Results, Use Magnesium Restore Along With…

Hormone Balance My non-negotible natural hormone solution for women over 35. $58.47
Gluco Support Powerhouse herbs and nutrients proven to balance blood sugar better than conventional medication. $62.97
Activated B Complete My #1 most-recommended vitamin supplement for women over 35. $25.17
Frequenty Asked Questions


I recommend taking 300-600mg each night about 30-60 minutes before bed, as magnesium is great for helping your body relax. You can experiment with the dosage within this range until you find what your body responds best to!


Yes. The reason is that a multi has a hard time providing the full amount of certain vitamins and minerals, especially for magnesium and B vitamins. Magnesium tends to be bulky, and the ideal daily amount simply will not fit into a multivitamin.

Additionally, women (especially in perimenopause and menopause) tend to burn through these nutrients faster and require higher levels of these to feel their best, and it just can’t all come through one multivitamin.


Great question: yes! It is fine to take both supplements at once.

The majority of people are deficient in magnesium, so getting more is typically a good thing, and the amount in Hormone Balance is quite small. If your body is getting too much magnesium, the symptom to watch for would be loose stools. And then you would just reduce the dosage a bit to find the best balance for your unique body.


Probiotics are essential for gut health, and I personally take both a high-quality probiotic AND magnesium every day.

Magnesium and probiotics work very differently in the ways they support gut health, but they do support each other when you take both. For example, probiotics improve how your gut is able to absorb nutrients. This means you’ll get more bang out of your magnesium supplement. And magnesium helps create an ideal environment for gut bacteria, which will help improve the effects of your probiotic.

Magnesium does help with bowel motility, so upping your magnesium is another great tool to keep things moving as they should!


I recommend a combo of magnesium bis-glycinate chelate and magnesium oxide for maximum absorption into your body. These two together work to both quickly deliver magnesium when you need it (to help with bowel health, relaxation, sleep, energy, etc.) and also sustainably raise your body’s magnesium levels to correct deficiencies and optimize long-term health.

This is the blend that I carry in Magnesium Restore—and the results speak for themselves! This is a combo that really works for your needs.

The other type I recommend is much more targeted: Magnesium Citrate is great for when you need some quick poop support! I usually take this with me when I travel or if I know that my food choices are going to vary from what I normally eat. It’s not great for daily support, but it can be helpful to keep things moving like they need to.


Side effects with this type of magnesium are rare, but if you struggle with digestive motility, there is a chance that taking a full dosage to start off with could “loosen up” too much at once and cause some upset. The power magnesium has to help your body detoxify can also cause headaches in some people (but it’s a sign that it’s working!).

So if you feel that your magnesium is causing any of these things in your case, cut back to a lower dose and build up to a full recommended 300-600mg. This would mean taking only one capsule per night, or even one every other night, while your body adjusts.

This is not a common reaction, but if you do experience any of these symptoms, this is actually a sign that your body is in desperate need of magnesium. As you continue to take it, symptoms should go away!


Yes, the magnesium that I recommend is designed to be absorbable, so it is a great choice for those with MTHFR gene mutations. In fact, people with MTHFR typically need even more magnesium than those without it.

›If you have MTHFR, I recommend taking both Magnesium Restore and Activated B Complete because they are both prime choices to be used immediately in your body without requiring methylation (which is what MTHFR prohibits).

I’ve been right where you are…

My hormones were threatening to derail my health, my family and my career, and I was desperate for a natural solution. Through each healing transformation I’ve experienced in my life, supplements have been an essential part of my protocols. Nutrition, self-care, and supplements have always gone hand-in-hand in my approach to healing your hormones and body.

And now? I’ve sourced the perfect supplements for your hormones and put them in one place so you can get your hormones and body on track as well.

Supplements have a special power that you can’t get from other healing strategies. With concentrated, bioavailable nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic herbs, supplements offer a unique benefit to your body in a simple, convenient package.

Unfortunately, in my research of other supplements and brands, so much of what I found was people cutting corners and not offering the best products possible. That’s why I decided to launch my own line of Essentially Whole supplements. I’ve worked closely with my manufacturer to be confident you are getting the best possible supplements of the highest quality to make the biggest impact on your health.

Whether your hormonal challenges have to do with stress, weight, metabolic or reproductive hormones, the supplements you’ll find in the Essentially Whole store were designed to work with your body’s natural processes, enhancing them for optimal performance.

Here are a few things that make Essentially Whole Supplements special:

Effective, Natural, Science-Based Solutions for Your Health

In a world filled with products touting health benefits, it can be hard to distinguish what is real and what is not. That’s why I wanted to provide you with supplements that you can be confident using to fuel your and your family’s bodies. Each product I offer is created with only the highest quality ingredients in forms that are easily put to use by your body. Every ingredient has been tested for effectiveness and bioavailability to ensure that you are only getting the best of the best!

3-Stage Testing that EXCEEDS Industry Standards

When I decided to embark on this journey of supplying you with the BEST supplements possible, I knew I needed to partner with a manufacturer that shared my beliefs in going above and beyond to ensure quality. You can be confident that your product has been tested…
1. Before production (to make sure the raw materials are of the highest quality)
2. During manufacturing (to make sure the product is not compromised in any way)
3. After packaging (to make sure what gets into your hands is pure and free of any contamination)
This goes above and beyond the industry standards, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Powerful Community

When you buy grocery store supplements, you pick up your bottle, hope it is what it says it is, and go on with your life. When you partner with me through purchasing Essentially Whole supplements, you aren’t left to fend for yourself. I am committed to continuing to provide you with resources and solutions to help you achieve your health goals!

What It All Comes Down To…

These products WORK. I use them myself each and every day, and I share them with my friends, family, and -- most importantly -- with YOU. I don’t want you compromising your health with second-rate supplements. That’s why I have decided to put the power back in your hands with Essentially Whole products. You can be confident you are only getting the best of the best to enable you to heal your body naturally!


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Lisa L.
United States United States

Must have supplement

I was sceptical about how much Magnesium Restore was affecting me. The I looked at my sleep assessment (online app connected to my Garmin) and saw my deep sleep had increased. Then I ran out and really noticed how much I missed it when I wasn't taking it. Now it is a necessity and I know it works!

DeAnn R.
United States United States

Magnesium review

I have been taking Magnesium restore for a year or longer. I have noticed I sleep better! My daughter will even ask if she can have some when she knows she needs to get a good nights sleep. Dr. Mariza, thank you for all your insight with natural ways to help us through our hormone issues! DeAnn

Denisse R.
United States United States

Love it!!

I really like using Magnesium Restore my nights have never been the same! I'm able to have more restful sleep and feel energize the next day. Highly recommend if you are having trouble sleeping

Katie G.
United States United States

Taking magnesium

I'm taking magnesium restore to sleep better at night and so far it's been amazing!!

United States United States

I love this stuff!

I’ve tried many types of magnesium over the years and this is by far the best one I’ve tried. I’ve truly bee. Able to feel a difference. Thank you for all you do for your community!

Sydney C.
United States United States

Highly Recommend!

I tell so many of my friends about this Magnesium supplement and share the podcast from Dr M! I am completely off of my anxiety medication and sleep SO well (even with a toddler at home). Can’t recommend enough!

Christina B.
United States United States

I can feel it working!

I have been using Magnesium Restore for the past three nights. After I take it I can feel my body relax and prepare for sleep. My legs are no longer achy, my body feels relaxed, I sleep harder, I finally feel rested in the morning. I have been taking a high quality magnesium glycinate supplement for the last few months and felt totally different results from switching to the Magnesium Restore. I am truly pleased with this product and will continue using it! This is my first product from Dr. Mariza and I’m excited to try more.

Jamie K.
United States United States

Very happy

Iv e been using magnesium restore for a few months and I’m getting more restful sleep and I think it’s helping me have more regular bowel movements. I won’t go without this product!

United States United States

Sleep like a baby

Fabulous sleep

Julie B.
United States United States


This is a fantastic product. Helps me sleep , alleviates joint pain and gives me energy!